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We offer you the new generation of HYDROEFFEKT materials with penetrating effect, intended to protect concrete, brick and other building constructions against water, bio-corrosion and corrosive environments. Mechanism of their action is repeated (in tens, or hundreds times) to reduce water absorption of building materials. At the same time, their gas and water vapor permeability is retained, the material "breathes" and easily repels water. This protects the building from the capillary rise of moisture, penetration of rain water, destruction during cycles of freezing - thawing or with solutions of salts and acids. The durability of the effect amounts the decades.

application area

Some time ago, water repellents were applied mainly in restoration works and for the preservation of objects of special historical or other value. Produced water repellents industry were quite expensive, scarce and not very suitable for mass application.

Putting science, including nanotechnology, possible to develop and implement cost-effective production of repellents available for mass use. Modern water-repellent formulations, not only form a high-molecular polymer layers, forming chemical bonds with the protected material, but also create necessary to improve the water repellency of the surface layer with a micro-relief roughness of nanometer dimensions.

The most effective repellents scope:


Processing the basement of the building, as the most polluted and susceptible to moisture. The problem is no longer cosmetic repairs for many years.


Processing of places heavily exposed regularly to water: part of the walls of the peaks along the drain pipes, walls of houses with damaged roofs, etc. Particularly important buildings of silicate bricks.


After processing with Hydroeffect 2.1 cheaper for water resistance sand-lime brick is not inferior facing brick.


Hydroeffect 2.1 used directly on the building after plastering and painting works. The cost is much less hydrophobic than the re-plastering and painting the new few years.


Processing and unheated industrial buildings, concrete structures that are in severe conditions of atmospheric corrosion and man-made factors.


Processing of paving slabs, curbs, and load-bearing structures on bridges and road structures, which are under the influence of not destroying tolkookruzhayuschey environment but also chemicals that are used, for example, de-icing. Their surface layer begins to break down in a few years.


Preventing the formation of efflorescence and mold on concrete and masonry walls. Processing of asbestos sheets (slate) to prevent the formation of cracks and mold.


Restore horizontal waterproofing of foundations and basement walls by injecting water repelling agent in the thickness of the wall through a series of holes along its perimeter.


Conservation and pollution control facilities of historical value or appearance of which high demands.

Concrete, Foam Concrete, Paving Slabs
Porous Mineral Surfaces
Brick (lime-sand, limestone, ceramic, shell rock, sandstone, natural and artificial stone)
Plaster, Roofing slate, Facade plaster and other coatings
Waterproofing of Basalt and other fibers
Airport runaways and Road surfaces
Other Hydrophilic materials of different nature


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Applying repelling agent for various mineral materials

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The results of processing tiles with Hydroeffect 2.1

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The results of processing of sand with Hydroeffect (for send)

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The results of processing bricks with Hydroeffect 2.1

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Water-resistant and protected against capillary formation via Hydroeffect

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The results of processing the concrete floor with Hydroeffect 2.1



Three ways to improve the durability of concrete based products "TD NANOGIDROKOM" Ltd.

The introduction of multifunctional concrete additives (FPD), water-based, affecting its structuring, pore space and permeability. The surface treatment of concrete formed by impregnating the surface active agents or water-based organic solvents. Creating protective coatings, sealants, excluding the impact of the external environment (waterproof coating). In extreme cases, the possible combined use of all three methods. Hydrophobic materials "TD NANOGIDROKOM" LLC environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-explosive and non-flammable. The most radical way to reduce the viscosity of the concrete mix and impart hydrophobic properties of the final product is the use of a multifunctional additive, which has the ability to thin the concrete mixture. This allows to reduce the consumption of water and cement, to obtain constructions of higher quality and higher grades.



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